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Point Four Retail Solutions

With over 35 years of experience within the Retail marketplace, Point Four understands the modern retailer’s requirements and produces easy to use yet powerful software solutions.

If you are a Convenience Store, CTN, Off Licence, Supermarket or Retail Store you are in the right place!

Point Four has a variety of PoS hardware and software solutions to meet the needs of your store.

This could range from our compact All-In-One Till hardware, complete with integrated receipt printer and a large easy-to-use touch screen, through to our Belted Self Service Checkouts designed for larger trolley transactions.

On the software side, all our retailers receive the same award-winning software, tailored to suit your store’s individual needs, with the ability to select from our extensive range of software modules. Meaning your store’s IT systems can continue to develop and embrace new technologies at a pace that suits you, your store and the requirements of your customers.

Our solutions are also designed with flexibility in mind so they can operate as a single store or as part of a multiple store operation. Which comes in very handy if you take on another store, meaning you won’t have to change your EPoS system in order to grow your business.

In a rapidly changing world, connectivity to wholesalers or other third-party solutions is also very important, that is why Point Four is very proud to be a market leader in Wholesaler Communications (linking to and recommended by most major wholesalers) and are constantly looking at third-party integrations to help drive more footfall and profits into your store.

At Point Four, we believe all our systems should provide real benefits to you, which is why in such a competitive economic climate, accurate, informative and intelligent reporting is essential. Available in our solution is a complete reporting package with over 80 Standard Reports, Customisable Reporting function, and Cloud Reporting options. And if that’s not enough, we also have mobile apps to provide you with real-time reporting information in the palm of your hand from any location in the world.*

*Subject to a mobile phone data signal.

Retail Software Options

Retail Solutions

Our solutions are all designed specifically with flexibility in mind, both for now and in the future. For example, if you need Assisted Ordering, Real-Time Stock Management, Delivered News, Promotions, Loyalty or Cloud Reporting our EPoS Management Solution (EMS) can provide all these features and help create a solution that is right for your store.

PoS Hardware Options

Tailored To Your Needs

Whether you require Slide Out or Fliptop cashdrawers, or wish to add Chip & PIN services, we can help.

If you need to add integrated scales for weighing fresh produce or would like wireless handheld scanners, we have you covered.

Expand Your Options

Expand Your Options

Looking to link to a third-party Loyalty Scheme, offer Home Delivery or Scan, Pay & Go services, we can help.

We offer a wide range of additional functions and integrations that compliment our solutions, allowing you to tailor-make the perfect system for your requirements.

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