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Point Four Self Checkout (SCO) Solutions

Self Service Checkouts are now commonplace in many environments and we are proud to be a market leader and pioneer of this technology, specifically designed for the Convenience and Forecourt sectors.

Self Service technology has become an impressive winner for retailers and their businesses when looking for ways to reduce staff costs or redistribute resources. The marketplace also reports that over 70% of shoppers, your customers, believe that a store that provides Self Service Checkouts are providing a better customer experience and service to them.*

This, along with the challenges of recent times, means businesses are now also dealing with an additional problem of increased difficulties in fulfilling staff recruitment. The installation of Self Service Checkouts into your business has never been more beneficial than it is today.

With an average return on investment time of just 18 months, Self Service Checkouts could significantly increase your store’s profits, enable new areas of your business to be developed and increase customer satisfaction. And to make things even easier, our solutions are available to any Point Four customer as an upgrade option, at anytime, without having to change your existing system.

We offer various styles of Self Service Checkouts, ranging in size and functionality to suit every type and size of store. Our solutions start with a small compact, pole mounted solution with a similar footprint to a standard till, through to a fully belted solution aimed at larger trolley transactions.

The hardware, however, is just the start of things. The real benefits and unique features to our solutions come from our customisable bespoke software, whereas many EPoS providers use a third-party solution we have designed, written and continue to develop our Self Checkout solutions, which gives us complete control.

*Source: Convenience Store Magazine.

Self Checkout Software Options

Self Checkout Solutions

Our Self Checkout software is fully customisable and offers a range of optional features including ServeAssist for Kiosk Sales, Cigarette Vending, Fuel Sales, Bill Payments & e-Topup Services, Food-To-Go and Loyalty Integration.

We also enhance your Self Checkout’s Start Screen with your store’s brand name or logo.

Self Checkout Hardware Options

Hardware Options

We offer Self Checkouts to suit your business needs, ranging from a compact Pole Mounted unit, to a Wall Mounted or a StandAlone unit, through to a fully belted solution aimed at larger trolley transactions.

Depending on the Self Checkout, we can offer either card only or cash and card facilities and the option to colour brand the units to your requirements.

Expand Your Options

Expand Your Options

Self Checkouts are a great way to free up valuable staffing resources in your store or forecourt, along with offering your customers a secure checkout experience which can reduce queuing times. Whilst increasing customer satisfaction as well as reducing transaction costs.

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